Emacs: The Everything and Anything Editor

As the heading above states, GNU Emacs can do everything you think an editor should do as well as things an editor has no right to do. Think of Emacs as the Swiss Army Knife of editors.


An excellent resource for configuring and using Emacs is the EmacsWiki.


Most of the power of Emacs is realized using modes. A mode is a bunch of Emacs Lisp (Elisp) code that enables the editor to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Most of the best modes are included in an Emacs distribution, but, as with all good software, newer version are constantly being released.

Here are some web pages for Emacs modes that I use regularly. For far too many modes to mention go to the Elisp Archive or the Emacs Lisp Package Archive (described below).

If you want to write an Emacs mode for a language, check out this mode creation tutorial.


Here are some other pages with neato stuff for Emacs.