RF Design

Look's like RF Design is now Defense Electronics. I suspect it vastly less interesting now.

Articles of Interest

August 1992

  • A Suite of RF Problem Solvers by Herman A. Kruse
  • Introduction to Phase Noise by Constantine Fantanas

September 1992

  • Distortion Measurements Using a Spectrum Analyser by Robert A. White

October 1992

  • Algorithms for Computing Phase and AGC in Digital PLL Receivers by Roberto Cali and Guglielmo Ferrari
  • Understanding Timing Recovery and Jitter in Digital Transmission Systems - Part 1 by Kenneth J. Bures
  • Basic Crystal Oscillator Design Consideration by Craig Taylor and David Kenny
  • A Program for Calculating the Noise Figure and Noise Contribution of Electronic Circuits by Jonathan Bird

December 1992

  • An Adjustable Q Bandpass Filter by Jefferson Hall and J. Alvin Connelly

January 1993

  • Simulating Lossy Transmission Lines With PSpice by Walter Banzhat

March 1993

  • An Introduction of Noise Figure by Jonathan Bird
  • A Narrow Band FM Discriminator by George Kassabian

April 1993

  • A Basic Review of Feedback by Gary A. Breed
  • A Resistive Antennuator Calculation Program by Jouni Verronen

June 1993

  • Transisto Biasing Fndamentals by Gary A. Breed

September 1993

  • A Tiny Electromagnetics Simulator by Jonathan Y. C. Cheah

February 1994

  • Simulating a QPSK Modem by Don Miller
  • Receiver Basics - Part 1: Performance Parameters by Gary A. Breed

March 1994

  • Receiver Basics - Part 2: Fundamental Receiver Architectures by Gary A. Breed

April 1994

  • A First Introduction to Direct Sequence Spread-Spectrum by Gary A. Breed

May 1994

  • A First Introduction to Frequency Hopping Sread Spectrum by Gary A. Breed

July 1994

  • Transmission Line Fundamentals by Andy Kellett

September 1994

  • Printed Ciruit Board Considerations for Low Cost Design by Gary A. Breed
  • Utility Programs Simplify RF Analysis in SPICE by David K. Lovelace

December 1994

  • Simulating Class C RF Amplifiers by Charles E. Hymomitz
  • Notes on High-Speed Digital Signals by Gary A. Breed

January 1995

  • Introduction to Analog and Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis by Robert Howald
  • PLL With Additional Speed-Up Charge Pump by Bogdan Sadowski

February 1995

  • A Layman's Guide to RF
  • Path Loss and Antenna Gain Elementary Calculations by Frank L. Egenstafer

June 1995

  • Fundamental Principles of Class AB Linear Amplification by Gary A. Breed

October 1995

  • Antenna Basics for Wireless Communications by Gary A. Breed

November 1995

  • Active FIlter and Other Op Amp Circuits for RF Applications by Gary A. Breed

December 1995

  • A Versatile Wideband Crystal Oscillator by R. Partha and Shanthi Krishnakuar

January 1996

  • Capacitor Behaviour at Radio Frequencies by Gary A. Breed

February 1996

  • Noise Figure Modeling of Bipolar Transistors Using Spice by Keelan B. Jennings and J. Alvin Connelly
  • Inductor Behavior at Radio Frequencies by Gary A. Breed
  • One-Transistor Transmitter Circuits by

April 1996

  • Structured Design of Third-Order, Type-2 and Type-3 PLLs

May 1996

  • Noise Sources and Noise Calculations for Op Amps by Stephan Baier

June 1996

  • The Pull-Out Range and Noise Bandwidth of Third Order PLL by Fu-Nian Ku

August 1996

  • Feedback improves AGC amplifier harmonic performance by Christerpher Trask

September 1996

  • Inductive tuned oscillator by Dien M. Nguyen

April 1997

  • A new discourse on crystal oscillator basics by Waitak P. Lee

May 1997

  • CDPD carries data over cellular voice channels by Ernest Worthman. pg 48.
  • Designing phase-locked loops by Grover H. Martin. pg 56

June 1997

  • Tutorial on all-digital modulation techniques by Tim Stroud. pg 52.
  • Simplified design of lowpass and highpass active filters by Antonio L Eguizabal. pg 60.

July 1997

  • RFID-The technology and applications behind auto ID by Ernest Worthman. pg 44.

August 1997

  • Understanding the nitty-gritty of oscillator design by R. Partha. pg 28.
  • Dealing with PLL-generated phase noise by William O. Keese and Ian Thompson. pg 42.