Unix Review

Unix Review was one of my favourite free magazines that I subscribed to. It had lots of good Unix/Linux info in the beginning, but lost its way and was renamed Performance Computing.

With the name change came increased coverage of Windows NT that was not well recieved by the readership. Eventually Performace Computing went out of print, became an e-zine, and restored its name to the original Unix Review.

Ok, that sucking sound you hear is DDJ consuming another magazine. As usual, use the WayBack Machine to get at the original content.

Articles of Interest

October 1996

  • Putting STL To Work by Bruce Eckel.
  • A Network-Design Algorithm by Jon Bentley.

November 1996

  • Serving Up Mail: POP and IMAP by Steven Baker.

December 1996

  • The Unified Modeling Language by Grady Booch.
  • Managing System Files With RCS by Dinah McNutt.
  • Putting STL To Work, Part II by Bruce Eckel.
  • The Impossible Takes A Little Longer by Jon Bentley.

January 1997

  • IIOP Specification: A Closer Look by Gabriel Minton.

February 1997

  • Putting STL To Work, Part III by Bruce Eckel.

March 1997

  • The Logical Volume Manager by Dinah McNutt.
  • Background Work And XtTimers by Kevin Richard and Eric Foster-Johnson.

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