With help from Andrew Cowie's blog post Getting Blosxom to work... my blog now has a functional RSS 2.0 feed.

Update 2009-10-12: Removed link to old RSS feed

Posted Thu Oct 25 22:21:00 2007 Tags: blosxom

Thought I'd mention the plugins I am using with blosxom for this blog.

These are well documented on their respective sites and/or in the plugin file itself.

Posted Tue Apr 11 21:12:00 2006 Tags: blosxom

I am thinking about using graph wallpaper for my blog entries to make them look more notebook like.

Posted Fri Sep 30 21:37:00 2005 Tags: blosxom

Came accros Start Your Own Workblog With Blosxom - 10 Minutes Or Less. A nice easy to follow set of instructions on getting blosxom up and running on your web server.

Posted Thu Sep 1 00:00:00 2005 Tags: blosxom

The offical docs describing how to create a customized flavour.

Posted Fri Mar 11 21:48:00 2005 Tags: blosxom

While looking for blosxom flavours I came across the above mentioned group's Blosxom Flavour and Theme Registry. I'll give it a perusal.

Posted Fri Mar 11 00:09:00 2005 Tags: blosxom

All those who cannot read this speak up now.

Posted Thu Mar 10 23:19:00 2005 Tags: blosxom