The Copiale Cipher used by an 18th century secret society has been deciphered.

Decrypting secret codes has to appeal to the kid in all of us.

Posted Sat Nov 12 09:24:00 2011 Tags: computer

Recently I have been getting "Received unexpected response from..." errors. I found a TechSpot blog with a fix that worked for me.

Posted Thu Feb 18 21:36:00 2010 Tags: computer

One area that the Linux desktop has been missing is proper color management. Well, Richard Hughes has started developement of a GNOME Color Manager.

Posted Wed Oct 28 21:34:00 2009 Tags: computer

If you typically send patches to mail lists then Felipe Contreras' git send-email tricks blog post is definitely worth reading.

Posted Wed Oct 28 21:29:00 2009 Tags: computer

Another neat story about an encrypted message sent to the President of the USA in 1801. I find this kind of story fascinating.

Posted Mon Jul 6 10:27:00 2009 Tags: computer

Dave Jones is a genius. Using mutt and your editor to highlight your coding errors -- he should have patented that one!

Posted Wed Aug 27 22:47:00 2008 Tags: computer

While poking around on the Single UNIX Specification web site, I noticed a link to a Firefox Search Plugin.

With this plugin installed, you can search for keywords in the SUS directly from Firefox. Very cool.

Update 2009-10-12: Newer SUS link

Posted Fri Mar 7 11:25:00 2008 Tags: computer

As an emacs user, I knew the butterfly command. I just don't find it that useful.

Posted Sun Feb 3 14:31:00 2008 Tags: computer

In a discussion on creating a git repo for the gcc code base, Linus describes how git uses delta chains and how they relate to packing.

In the same discussion Linus has additional low level explanation.

Posted Thu Dec 6 12:45:00 2007 Tags: computer

With help from Andrew Cowie's blog post Getting Blosxom to work... my blog now has a functional RSS 2.0 feed.

Update 2009-10-12: Removed link to old RSS feed

Posted Thu Oct 25 22:21:00 2007 Tags: computer