The Copiale Cipher used by an 18th century secret society has been deciphered.

Decrypting secret codes has to appeal to the kid in all of us.

Posted Sat Nov 12 09:24:00 2011 Tags: security

Another neat story about an encrypted message sent to the President of the USA in 1801. I find this kind of story fascinating.

Posted Mon Jul 6 10:27:00 2009 Tags: security

Even though this is not really a security issue, be aware that if you leech WiFi access from somebody, the access point owner can control the data stream you get (and send!).

Upside-Down-Ternet is a funny example of what one guy did to his leeching neighbours.

Posted Tue Feb 6 00:00:00 2007 Tags: security

If you still are under the illusion that WEP is a safe way to secure your wireless access point, think again. Read how the FBI demonstrated cracking WEP in 3 minutes.

Posted Wed Jun 28 10:34:00 2006 Tags: security

Every kid goes through a stage where secret codes and invisible ink are exciting. Eventually though, you find that what you need to say to your buddies is not really top secret and the effort to encode your "Let's go play hockey" message is impractical.

I still find cryptography interesting and the article How I Broke The Confederate Code (137 Years Too Late) is very cool.

Posted Mon May 15 00:00:00 2006 Tags: security

When a computer is compromised one of the first things the intruder does is install a root-kit. The article How to scan your Linux-Distro for Root Kits is an excellent step-by-step HOWTO to detect if your systems have been kitted.

Posted Wed May 10 00:00:00 2006 Tags: security

Just came across, Five-Minutes to a More Secure SSH. Covers the steps to setup SSH to use key-based authentication instead of using traditional passwords.

Posted Fri Apr 21 16:12:00 2006 Tags: security